A Little About Us

We've been an active web design agency Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford area for about 12 years now, though the IT experience of our principals goes back much, much further than that.

  • More than 12 Years experience
  • Small businesses & startups

We've always concentrated on offering services to small businesses and to start-ups, the prime reason being that we offer a fully supported service whereby we deal with absolutely all the technical issues. Once we've designed a website, provided that our clients continue to host their website with us, we offer an ongoing support service, free of charge.

  • Fully supported service
It's a big comfort for our clients to know that they can ring us at any time if they have any technical, IT related problems, and we'll do our best to help resolve them

With us, it really is about relationships. We're on first name terms with all of our clients, and they know we are on the end of a phone if they ever need us. It's almost certainly our service levels which mean that we get recommended so often.

  • Most of our business is by recommendation

We only rarely need to look for business, most of the time we are doing follow up work for existing clients, or new projects on recommendation from our client base. Good news travels.

When you contact Red Bear, we'll come out to see you at your business address or at your home if that's where you work from, or even in a coffee-shop if that's what you'd prefer. We'll listen to what you are trying to acheive, and we'll talk through some ideas with you to find out what would be best for you.

  • Get the benefit of our experience, free.

We'll follow that up with a straightforward proposal (not something intended to baffle you), along with costings. We'll talk that through with you, make any changes we've agreed upon, and if you are happy, we'll draw up a simple contract. If it's not what you want, or you change your mind, there won't be any charge.


Your decision to choose us for your project may well be influenced by price (and why wouldn't it be) and you'll find that we can often quote our services at significantly lower cost than our competition. And why is that?

  • We're Usually less expensive

Firstly we work on low margins becasue we don't have the cost of sale that many of our competitors do (remember the referral business), and secondly, we are very good at what we do, and we can do it quickly. The end result; our costs are lower and so are our prices.

If you choose Red Bear, we'll obtain and manage the domain of your choice, we'll design your website (and you'll be able to edit it yourself if you wish) and we'll host it for you on our high-speed servers.

  • We'll look after your domain and emails
  • We'll also host your website

We'll also set up and manage business emails for you at no extra charge, we'll link your website up to your social media accounts (and if you don't use social media for business, we'll help you get started) and well support you on an ongoing basis.

Finally, if you want help on getting found in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., we can offer an SEO (search engine optimisation) service at a fraction of the price offered elsewhere which will start with an Audit and end with improved placement in the search engines.

  • We can get you found in Google/Bing

All our clients also benefit from a business building mechanism that we offer free of charge to all our clients. The object of that mechanism is to help you attract more business, because we depend on our clients being succesful in order to be successful ourselves

  • We'll help you grow your business

We hope we've told you enough to interest you in our service, why not take a look at further information about our services by following the links below

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