Shared Hosting

Whether or not Red Bear are designing your website, it will need to be hosted. Assuming you are not planning to run your own datacentre (which can be horribly expensive) you'll need to have your website hosted externally. The simplest and cheapest method is to use one of our shared servers, where you website will co-exist with many others. Unless you are expecting very high throughput, plan to do bulk e-mailing or have special requirements, this will probably be fine for you

  • Very Low Cost
  • Very High Uptime

For the vast majority of smaller businesses, shared hosting is perfectly adequate and is a very low cost option. With Red Bear you'll have the control panel managed for you along with the following no-cost options.

  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • Database facility
  • Unlimited throughput
  • Unlimited filespace

VPS Hosting

If you are expecting very heavy usage or you plan to use very resource hungry applications, or if you want the option to send out very large numbers of marketing emails, then you may need a more specialised set-up. We can advise on this once we know what you are planning to do.

  • Guaranteed hardware resources
  • Faster response times
  • No email sending limits
  • Fully managed

Options include your own Virtual Private Server which guarantees you certain server resources and lifts any mailing restrictions or even your own physical standalone server - a computer on which only your website and supporting software operates

Either way, your server can be fully managed for you and would give you unrestricted throughput over very high speed lines to the internet backbone

  • Lowest cost, highest quality
  • Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford areas