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Products & Services

Red Bear Marketing is primarily a service organisation. We are engaged in the following:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Hosting
  • E-Commerce Design
  • Social Media Design and Management

Because our deliverables are bespoke in nature, in all cases, before commencement of any project we will agree with you:

  • Exactly what the deliverable product/service will be
  • Exactly what that deliverable should acheive for you
  • Outline designs/plans for you to approve
  • A timescale for delivery
  • A project price to be charged by us on completion
  • Any disbursements that may be applicable
  • A project deposit (typically 25%) for payment before the project commences

Conditions of Sale

The following conditions apply for all projects undertaken by Red Bear Marketing

  • We will endeavour, but not guarantee to meet client timescales
  • If the project brief is varied at any point after the project has begun, we reserve the right to increase the project price accordingly
  • Because our work is bespoke, we are unable to provide refunds on amounts paid for work already completed
  • Where a project is cancelled before completion. We will charge the client an amount pro-rated to the point of cancellation, less any deposit paid.
  • All project work is guaranteed to be fit for purpose at the point of delivery
  • The hosting charges for new development projects will become effective at the time development starts
  • Should any third party supplier withdraw or modify a service on which our project depends, we will endeavour to correct the problem, or assist in finding an alternative supplier, but cannot guarantee success. We will charge for this service
  • Whilst we will advise you, and do our best to avoid allowing your site to contravene any laws, including, but not limited to copyright and trademark infringement, the matter will remain your responsibility as the owner of the site and you should satisy yourself that all measures have been taken to avoid these contraventions.

Refund & Compensation Policy

No refund will be entertained unless the issue is raised in writing (including by email) within 6 months of a project going live. This period is the warranty period.

Within the warranty period, where a deliverable project is found to be faulty due to our negligence, or does not meet an agreed deliverable as set out in our initial agreement, we will rectify this problem at our expense. If we are unable to correct the problem we will offer a refund pro-rated to the project fee and taking into account the remaining utility of the project

We will not meet the cost of any third party organisation appointed by the client to rectify any problem. Further, we will not pay compensation for loss of service or for any loss or inconvenience caused by any problem with our deliverable.

Where any refund or compensation is agreed, it will be limited to the amount charged to the client for the work in question


We collect no data on individuals or companies who visit this site. We do retain client data, but only where this is essential for the future management of their project. In all cases this is mantained securely and is not available outside our offices. None of the client information we retain is ever sold or revealed to anyone outside our organisation. Where it is necessary for us to reveal confidential information in order to progress a project, we will consult our client beforehand. If any client wishes to know exactly what data we hold about them, this is available on request, however, this is normally limited to client contact information along with login credentials for client services managed by us.

Contact Info.

In the event of any issues relating to the service we provide, you may contact us using the following methods

  • Email us:
  • Telephone us: 07426 839298
  • Write to us: Red Bear Marketing, 77 Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes, MK13 9HG

Payment Terms

You will normally be asked for a 25% payment prior to us beginning work on any project. Once the project is complete and has been approved by you, we will issue an invoice for the balancing amount. Payment of the balance will be subject to a maximum of 14 days credit.