Local Web Design Agency

We're based in Milton Keynes and are probably one of the area's longest standing web design agencies, staffed by professional web designers with decades of IT experience. If you live or work within the triangle of Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford, chances are that one or two of the businesses you use, have had their website designed by Red Bear. Mind you, we're not confined to this area; we also have web design clients in many of the southern counties of England and even a few abroad.

  • Based in Milton Keynes
  • Many Local businesses are clients

Website design has changed a great deal over the years. The biggest challenge today is designing fully reponsive, standards compliant websites, compatible with all systems and devices. We need to do that whilst keeping abreast of cutting edge technologies that will benefit you the end user. Just to clarify, by fully responsive, we mean websites that will work seamlessly, whether being viewed on an iPhone, a Tablet or a Full sized screen.

  • Standards Compliant Websites
  • Fully Responsive

There is no sortcut for this, websites need to be designed and built professionally today if they are to wok across the board, and stand out on a crowded web.

Bespoke Design at Low Cost

We design affordable websites from the ground up, using current methodolgies and design trends yet at possibly the lowest prices you can get. Does that compromise quality? You should take a look at our work and decide for yourself. Not only can we design you a fresh, inexpensive website, we can extend it to provide greater functionality by driving the content from a database; we can set up full Content Managed System that you can maintain yourselves; or we can set you up with an e-commerce system.

  • We're Usually the least expensive
  • Optional Content Management
  • Linked to a database if you need it
  • We design On-Line shops

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how little this can all cost. As a rough guide, we can design you a bespoke, fully responsive website with content management, or a standard e-commerce site for less than £500. it's only if you want lots of bells and whistles, or there is some additional database work, that we'll charge a bit more

So if you need a web design service in Milton Keynes, Northampton or Bedford, but most importantly you want the lowest cost with the highest quality, call a Red Bear web designer.

  • Lowest cost, highest quality
  • Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford areas